About Altinkum Car Hire

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Altinkum Car Hire
Sat NAV GPS systems now available.
*Please request when booking

Getting around in Altinkum is quite easy; there are regular Buses/Dolmus that will take you to the boundaries of Altinkum and Didim, and Taxi ranks are based on the most popular street corners and areas. Then there's the offer of free lifts from just about every bar and restaurant in town (currently under suspension by the police so ask first) and finally walking from one end of Altinkum to the other would only take you 30 minutes at most. Ask for a quote now...

However, Car Hire and Tourists driving in Turkey is becoming more and more popular by the day. Couple that with the fact that it is almost impossible to get lost outside of Altinkum as long as you have a general idea of what's North and what's South and you can see why Car Hire is on the up and up.

Other Car Hire Companies - Beware!

Rental prices are amongst the cheapest in the Med at the moment, but don't expect the same type of vehicle or service as you would get in say Florida or Portugal because you won't get it! Most Car Hire companies are run by bar owners and renting the use of the 'second car' is quite common. Considering that the state of the roads in and about Altinkum aren't exactly 'smooth' you can probably see why rental companies don't go all out to buy the high class Mercedes or Sporty Volkswagon Golf that you will be expecting.

Some companies do have new cars and some do have real insurance agreements. Make sure you check out your rental agreement before signing it and don't forget to haggle! (or just ring us it will be a lot easier). Ask for a quote now...


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