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Valuing Your Property in Turkey

In today’s ever changing markets, global politics, economic factors and currency exchange rates continuously changing, it is important that you obtain a realistic valuation on your property.

Often or not, an enquiry to value a property results in a great deal of our clients informing us of how much they have spent on their property. Either by full renovation, interior design, new kitchens, bathrooms, furniture expense, system upgrades plus much more.  When setting an Asking Price for the sale of your property in Turkey, there are lots of factors to consider including how much you need to achieve from the sale and how quickly you need to sell in addition to local market conditions such as what other similar properties have recently Sold for and how high the demand for property in your area is.

Altinkum is awash with' Estate Agents' in one form or another. Your local bar has a budding estate agent inside every waiter, and that goes for your favourite restaurant too! Properties are offered for sale in any number of Estate agents, all at different prices and did you know that there are over 600 registered Estate Agencies in Altinkum alone!

As a professional Estate Agent in Altinkum with many years of experience witnessing the rise and fall of property prices, we only value your home at a price we believe represents the current market.  We also take into consideration how urgent the sale is and match with similar properties on the market to create a price match.  As an agent it is important we neither undervalue or overvalue your property as this can ruin a potential sale.

We provide advice and solutions in the following areas:

Holiday Property: If you are thinking about buying a Holiday property you need to see a true valuation before entering into any contract. Hundreds of tourists have been sold properties at inflated prices simply because they have believed the valuation from the seller. You wouldn't do it at home, so why do it here?

Permanent Home: This is your home, it's not a rental and you have to live here now. Why pay more, you aren't the typical tourist anymore so you shouldn't expect to pay tourist prices.

Land: There are so many areas and plots for sale it is very difficult to see why one plot is better or more expensive than the other. You need expert advice before going ahead with your self build dream villa or property business plan.

Commercial Premises: Leasing or Buying can be very tricky when it comes to commercial property in Turkey. How much would you pay for one wall, a floor and a ceiling? not much I bet, but that is all you could get when you buy a bar! Commercial loans need commercial valuations.

Divorce and Separation: Yes it does happen and it isn't the easiest of times, especially when it comes to valuing the assets. We specialise in valuing property and providing a written valuation that can be used in the courts for asset valuation purposes.


As an agent, we often see the same property advertised with many agents at varying prices.  As your agent, we ask that you keep us informed at all times of any price changes you agree with other agents.


If you wish to relieve a no obligation valuation, please contact us direct at